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Colon Cancer is a real killer.

Globally, near 1 Million people die each year from Colorectal Cancer (CRC). In many regions, including in the U.S.Europe and Latin America, colon cancer is among the leading causes of death for adults over 50. And, sadly, many thousands more who discover their cancer too late and get treatment suffer from debilitating conditions for the rest of their lives.

Many of these deaths and debilitating injuries and preventable – simply by getting screened early.

The earlier colon cancer can be discovered, the more likely it can be cured. There’s also a far wide range of treatment options when the cancer is discovered in it’s early stages, including new, more targeted treatments that have fewer side effects.

The American Cancer Society Recommends adults at average risk should begin screening at age 45. People at higher risk should begin a screening regime earlier. Screening means selecting a test that is right for you and making sure you follow through.

In the past, getting screened meant selecting from one of the 3 methods that all involve either invasive procedures (like colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy) or providing a sample … of poop.

For years, the gold standard has been colonoscopy where doctors use a probe with a camera attached that enters through your anus. Many people complain that the prep required for a colonoscopy is time consuming and even painful. A small percentage of people can have a bad reaction to the probe, including bleeding or lingering complications as a result of procedure.

Fecal tests like the FIT and Stool DNA tests are less invasive, but they can still be messy and that scares off a large percentage of people from following through with getting their screening tests ordered and accomplished.


Thankfully now with Colon AiQ, many thousands of people around the world are relieved to know there is a new and easy alternative for CRC screening.